Lead Paint Inspection vs Risk Assessment

Difference between a lead paint inspection and a risk assessment

EPA RRP Scheduled: April 2023

EPA RRP lead renovator certification 8 hour class. Get EPA certified in just one day in either English or Spanish.


Property Management Companies Responsible for Lead Safety

EPA Affirms Building Managers Responsible for Lead-Based Paint Safety Requirements When Performing Renovations


Lead Abatement Versus Lead RRP

Lead Abatement Versus Lead RRP Abatement and RRP activities may sometimes look similar, but they are not!


Become an EPA Certified Firm

Become an EPA RRP Certified Firm

Lead FAQ

Lead Paint Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ}


Lower EPA Lead Levels

Lower EPA Lead Levels

Standard Surveillance Definitions and Classifications

CDC applies the following nationally consistent standard definitions and classifications for blood lead surveillance data from all states