Common Lead Terms

Here are some common terms related to lead paint:

  1. Lead-based paint - A paint that contains lead as an additive.
  2. Lead abatement - The process of removing lead-based paint from a building or structure.
  3. Lead hazard - A condition that creates a risk of lead exposure, such as chipping or peeling lead-based paint.
  4. Lead poisoning - A condition caused by exposure to high levels of lead, which can cause serious health problems.
  5. Lead-safe - Refers to materials, practices, or products that have been certified as safe or non-toxic in terms of lead content.
  6. Lead inspection - A professional assessment to identify the presence and location of lead-based paint in a building.
  7. XRF (X-ray fluorescence) - A non-destructive testing method used to detect and measure the presence of lead in paint, soil, and other materials.
  8. HUD Lead-Safe Housing Rule - A federal regulation that requires owners of federally-assisted housing to address lead-based paint hazards.
  9. Lead-free - A term used to describe paint or other materials that contain no detectable levels of lead.
  10. Lead dust - Fine particles of lead-based paint that can be inhaled or ingested and cause lead poisoning.